New Bathroom Faucets: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Bathroom renovations can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is important to be informed before you start shopping for new bathroom faucets. Here are a few key points to consider when choosing new bathroom faucets:


Choose a style of bathroom faucet that fits in with the rest of your décor. There are many different styles to choose from such as traditional, modern, industrial, and more.

Number of Holes

Bathroom faucets come in two-hole, three-hole, and four-hole versions. Make sure the number of holes in the faucet matches the number of holes in the sink.


The finish of the bathroom faucet is just as important as the style. Faucets come in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brass, copper, and nickel, to name a few. Choose one that complements your existing bathroom décor.


Bathroom faucets range in price from budget-friendly to designer-level. Compare prices and features to find the right faucet for your needs and budget.


Consider the functionality of the faucet when making your selection. Do you want a faucet with a single handle, dual handles, a pull-out sprayer, or a touch-sensitive feature?

Maintenance and Care

Most bathroom faucets require minimal maintenance. Generally, all that is required is a periodic wiping down to prevent water spots and keep them looking their best.


Be sure to choose a faucet that is easy to install. Newer models come with easy-to-follow instructions and may even include all the necessary mounting hardware.

To ensure you get the best deal on your bathroom faucet, compare styles, features, and prices before making your decision. With the right selection, you will have a stylish, long-lasting faucet that works great and looks great. During a bathroom remodel, faucets are an essential part of the equation, and modern bathroom faucets come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your décor. There are a few key factors to consider before you decide on the perfect bathroom faucet for your next renovation – and here’s what you need to know before you buy.

First, consider the style of faucets you prefer, from classic to contemporary. There are a variety of shapes, including waterfall-style, single-handle, double-handle, and others. You’ll need to figure out the proper size and type of faucet for your sink, or for all of your sinkholes in the case of a double-basin system.

Next, consider the finish of the faucets. Faucets come in many different finishes spanning classic to modern, including chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, and more. Each finish has a unique look and texture, so it’s important to choose the perfect finish to enhance your design.

Finally, consider the efficiency of the faucets. Faucets have gone through major changes in the last decade with the introduction of water-saving technology. This includes touchless faucets, which are activated by sensors and shut off automatically when you’re finished, as well as low-flow faucets that reduce the amount of water used without sacrificing performance.

Installing new bathroom faucets is an exciting way to update your space and give it a modern and sophisticated look. With so many styles and finishes to choose from, you can achieve the perfect look for any bathroom, from a basic powder room to a master bathroom suite. But before you purchase, make sure to consider the type, size, finish and water-saving features of the faucet you’re choosing – these minor details can make a big difference.