A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Toilet

Buying a toilet may seem more straightforward than other more complex home improvement tasks, but there are still many decisions to be made. Here is a comprehensive guide to help make your purchase easier.


The first step in buying a toilet is to determine what type of toilet you want. Depending on your needs and budget, there are many different types of toilets to choose from:

    • Traditional toilets – These toilets have been around for decades, and are a simple, economical design. The tank is above the bowl, and gravity-assist mechanisms help waste flow through the pipe and into the sewer.
    • High efficiency toilets – These toilets have been designed to save water and energy. They typically feature dual-flush systems that use significantly less water than traditional toilets.
    • Wall-mounted toilets – Wall-mounted toilets give the bathroom a modern look, and the tank is concealed within the wall. Though they cost more than other toilet models, this style has many benefits.


When buyers are looking at toilets they should consider both the size of the bowl and the size of the “footprint” (the area where the toilet will sit in your bathroom). Measure the space to make sure you know what will fit.


Once you have chosen the type of toilet and its size, you should consider the features available, such as:

    • Shape – most toilets are round or elongated. Elongated bowls are longer, and generally considered more comfortable, but may take up more space.
    • Height – toilets come in different bowl heights. Many now come in “comfort height” versions, which are the same height as a standard chair, making them easier to sit on and stand up from.
    • Bidets – There are bidet systems that attach to your existing toilet, or you can buy a toilet with a built-in bidet. The benefit of a bidet is that it can help users be cleaner and more hygienic.


Once you’ve decided on the type and size of the toilet and the features you want, you need to determine your budget. Toilets range in price from a few hundred dollars for a basic model to thousands for a top-of-the-line model. Set a budget before you start shopping and stick to it.


Buying a toilet is an important decision and there are many things to consider. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the type and size of toilet you need, the features you want, and the budget you have set. Following this comprehensive guide should make the process of purchasing a toilet easier. When you’re buying a toilet for your home, every detail matters. Modern toilets can come with a range of features, and all that choice can make it hard to pick the best one. To help you choose, here is a comprehensive guide to buying a toilet.

First, consider the size and shape of the toilet. If you have a small bathroom, round toilets tend to be a better choice than elongated ones because they take up less floor space. Also, the height of the toilet should suit your needs. If you’re tall, look for toilets that are higher than average.

After you decide on a size and shape, you’ll need to determine what type of toilet you’re looking for. There are two main types – one-piece and two-piece toilets. One-piece toilets are sleek, easy to install, and water efficient, but they may be more expensive than two-piece toilets. Two-piece toilets are typically cheaper and less efficient, but they may be easier to install in certain situations.

Next, you’ll want to consider the flushing system. Standard gravity-flush models are the most common type, but newer models offer more efficient, water-saving options like dual flush and pressure-assist flushing. New toilets are more expensive than traditional ones, but they may save you money in the long run due to their improved water efficiency.

Finally, look for features that add comfort and convenience. For example, some toilets have heated seats, heated water, motion-activated lights, and more. If you want a high-end luxury toilet, these features may be worth the extra cost.

The final step is to find the perfect toilet for your home and budget. To ensure that you get the best value for money, check reviews to see what other customers are saying about the toilet you’re interested in. This can help you feel confident in your purchase and make sure you get the best toilet for your home.

Whether you’re looking for a basic model or a high-end luxury toilet, this comprehensive guide to buying a toilet can help you find the perfect one for your home. With the right information, the perfect toilet can be yours.