10 Traditional Toilet Designs For Your Bathroom

As you look to add some flair to your bathroom, traditional toilet designs can be an enduring and timeless way to give your bathroom a bit of character. With modern designs often taking a front seat, it’s easy to overlook charming traditional looks. Here’s just a few traditional toilet designs to get you started on finding the perfect style for your bathroom.

1. Classic High Tank Design

This classic, vintage-inspired look features a high overhead tank with a pull chain. It’s often made with a more finishing, like brass, gold or silver, and features a curved tank. The pull chain and exposed workings complete the classic image, making it an easy top choice for bathrooms with traditional vibes.

2. Wall-Mounted Classic Style

For a neat, compact look, wall-mounted traditional toilets are an attractive modern-day favourite. Not ones for show, these toilets hang from the wall and include the internal tanks in their design. The neat, subtle style makes it a neat choice for bathrooms with a traditional yet clean look.

3. Pedestal Toilet

For a more dynamic outlook, the pedestal toilet is an elegant option. It has a separated base and tank unit, creating an eye-catching yet classic style. Often built with Victorian-era inspiration, this style of toilet will bring vintage vibes to both small and large bathrooms alike.

4. Corner Toilets

If you’re looking for to save some space, corner toilets feature two angled pieces connected by a hinge. This space-saving option provides the same look with a lot less room. Opt for a traditional design with extra curves and patterned lines to add extra elegance.

5. Two-Piece Toilet

Another more traditional toilet design, the two-piece toilet features a tank and bowl that you can purchase as separate parts. The relative ease of installation make it a great choice for bathrooms that’s looking for a traditional style.

6. Skirted Toilet

This contemporary classic style brings a modern twist to a toilet with traditional designs. Clean and sleek, this look opts for a skirt-like fixture along the bottom of the toilet, with no view of the piping or workings.

7. Traditional Oriental Toilet Design

For a touch of Eastern inspiration, traditional oriental toilet designs may be the perfect option. There’s a wide range looks to choose from, from the plain and minimal style, to ones with intricate designs.

8. Retro Elongated Toilet

Opt for an elongated toilet for a look that’s seemingly from yesteryear. This sleek and elongated design the perfect choice for bathrooms with classic, retro vibes. just be sure to match with complementary fixtures and hardware for the full effect.

9. Corner Pedestal Toilet

If you’ve got your heart set on a pedestal toilet but need a little extra space left over, try a corner pedestal toilet. This style is just like its predecessor, but adapted to fit snugly in the corner of your bathroom, creating a neat and uniform finish.

10. Contemporary Twist on a Traditional Design

You don’t have to completely eschew a contemporary backdrop in favour of classic looks. Instead, you can always enjoy a traditional-style toilet with modern design, with the most notable example being one-piece toilets. They bring together classic curves, with modern straight lines and an all-in-one design that’s perfect for small bathrooms and en-suites.


So there you have it, 10 traditional toilet designs to give your bathroom that added boost of vintage-inspired charm. From wall-mounted classics to modern twists, there’s definitely something to fit every traditional-style bathroom. Happy shopping!