Adding Space And Functionality To Your Toilet In The Bathroom

Creating a functional bathroom involves utilizing available space in the best possible way. Toilets are obviously one of the important fixtures in the bathroom, and a good way to make the space both functional and aesthetically appealing is by adding elements to make it more comfortable. Here are some ideas to help you make your bathroom look better and function better with your toilet.

Pull-Out Storage Shelving

Adding shelves around the toilet provides easy access to toiletries and other bathroom items. Use a pull-out shelf that you can slide out from beneath the toilet tank to hide shelves filled with linens, toilet paper, and other bathroom items. This helps keep your countertop clutter-free.

Mount a Magazine Rack

Mount a magazine rack on the side of the toilet tank. This provides an easy place for guests to store magazines and easily find them when needed. It is also a good way to make sure that magazines are neatly stored and organized.

Hang Towel Hooks

Hang towel hooks on the side of the toilet tank or on the front. This allows you to hang towels, clothes, and bathrobes easily, and keep them within easy reach.

Add A Magazine Holder or Rack

Adding a magazine holder or rack to the side of the toilet can help keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. This also makes it easy to find magazines when you are in the bathroom.

Install A Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders are great for keeping toilet paper off of the floor and within easy reach. This is especially important for guests, who may not be familiar with where the toilet paper is located.

Install A Bidet

Adding a bidet to the toilet area can provide an added level of privacy, as well as a more luxurious feel to the bathroom. A bidet can also help reduce water consumption and make it easier to clean up after using the toilet.

Replace Your Toilet Seat

Finally, replacing your toilet seat with a higher-end model can help make your bathroom look more luxurious. Choose a seat that is comfortable, as well as a style that matches the rest of the bathroom decor.

By adding these additional features to your bathroom, you can help turn your toilet into a functional and attractive element of your bathroom. In addition, these additions help to make the bathroom more organized and comfortable.