Creative Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Toilet

Every homeowner knows the importance of having an attractive and functional bathroom. Though a bathroom toilet isn't usually the first place anyone looks for decoration, it is an important part of the décor in any home. Here are some ideas for turning your bathroom toilet from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Choose an Accent Wall

Having a feature/accent wall in your bathroom can give the area a whole new look and feel. Choose a paint color or tiles that really pops and set the stage with a great back drop for the rest of the decor. From the vibrant shades of blue and green to the earthy tones of brown and grey, there is sure to be a color combination or pattern that catches your eye.

2. Add Bathroom Storage

Adding bathroom storage is a great way to store essential items and knick-knacks while at the same time adding a decorative element to the toilet area. Choosing floating shelves, hanging baskets or wicker baskets allows you to take advantage of unused wall space and add character to the room.

3. Switch Out Your Toilet Seat

Switch out your toilet seat for something fancy or simple and timeless. Go for the bold with something colorful or go for the classic look with a white finish. There are so many options available for toilet seats, so have some fun and go for the one that fits best with your style.

4. Update Your Toilet Fixtures

Replacing your old, outdated plumbing fixtures with fresh new ones is another great way to transform your bathroom toilet. There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. From matte black to chrome, brass to gun metal, find the right fit for your décor and give your bathroom a modern upgrade.

5. Add an Artpiece

Adding an artpiece to your toilet space helps to make the area feel more inviting and interesting. Choose a piece that is meaningful to you and try to incorporate colors that match your other accessories. Whether it’s a painting, photograph, sculpture or tapestry, you can make your bathroom toilet stand out in an instant.


Transforming your bathroom toilet doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. With the right pieces, colors, and items you can easily turn a boring space into a beautiful one. Whether you are going for a more modern or classic look, make sure to take into account your décor and personal taste to make it a transformation that you and your family will love.