How To Install A Toilet Fitting In Your Bathroom

Installing a toilet in your bathroom can be a time consuming and daunting job, but it doesn't have to be. Following the steps outlined below will make the task much easier and help to ensure that your bathroom is ready for use as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Plan Your Fitting
    Before you start, plan the layout of your toilet fitting. Think about how much space you have and try to maximise it. Think about materials needed, the location of the toilet, and any other items needed to complete the job.
  • Get the Right Materials
    Purchase all of the necessary items required to install your toilet fitting. This includes the toilet, the necessary pipes and fittings, and any other items needed to connect and secure the fitting.
  • Measure and Cut the Pipes
    Measure the necessary pipes needed to connect the toilet to the waste outlet and cut them to size. Ensure that the pipes are the correct size and take into account that they may need to be bent to fit your bathroom space.
  • Connect the Pipes and Fittings
    Connect the pipes to the toilet and other necessary fittings and secure them tightly. Make sure that all of the connections are snug and secure.
  • Set the Toilet in Place
    Place the toilet in the space reserved for it, ensuring that it is level and secure. Connect the waste outlet pipe and the flush handle before testing to make sure that the toilet is working correctly.
  • Water Supply
    Turn on the water supply to the toilet and check that the cistern is refilling correctly. Make sure that there are no leaks at any joints or connections.


Installing a toilet in your bathroom does not need to be a daunting task. Following the steps listed above will help to make the job easier and ensure that your bathroom is running efficiently. Good luck!