Improving Your Bathroom's Aesthetics With Toilet Design

The toilet isn't just a utilitarian piece in your bathroom — it's also a statement-making showpiece that can highly influence the look and feel of the entire room. From modern, designer toilets to traditional tank-style commodes, your choice of design can completely revamp the aesthetics of your bathroom and make the space much more comfortable and inviting.

Modern Toilets

Modern toilets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Sleek, undecorated shapes are a popular choice, especially when paired with bright colors and coordinated textures. An eye-catching modern toilet bowl can take a contemporary bathroom to the next level, and its boldness will draw attention away from the other elements in the room.

Visible Tanks

Visible tank toilets make a sophisticated statement with their walls-hugging profiles and stunning design. Traditional-style toilets with a visible tank are often chosen for their timeless characteristics and the elegant look of the porcelain tank displaying beautiful contours and chic design.

Soft-Close Toilet Seats

Soft-close toilet seats are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. With one-finger operation and an incredibly quiet closing sequence, these seats exude sophistication and make the toilet much more comfortable to use. Choose classic colors and high-end materials such as solid wood or molded plastic.

Accessorize With Utility Racks

Utility racks for storing toilet supplies can add a functional yet aesthetically pleasing element to your bathroom. Many racks come with a variety of shelving options, allowing you to store items like shampoo, soap, and toilet paper in an organized and visually attractive manner. Wall-mounted shelving units can also be a great way to take advantage of vertical space in your bathroom.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. If possible, install a window to bring natural light into the space to make the bathroom brighter and more inviting. Skylights can also be a great way to bring in indirect light and give the room a soothing ambience.

Creating the Perfect Look

The key to creating the perfect bathroom aesthetic is to choose the right toilet design and accessorize with unique pieces that will bring the entire room together. Combining modern, traditional, and utilitarian elements can give your bathroom a timeless, luxurious look and make it a space you can be proud to show off.


  • Modern Toilets - a great way to take a contemporary bathroom to the next level.
  • Visible Tanks - timeless, traditional style that creates an elegant showpiece.
  • Soft-Close Toilet Seats - luxurious, comfortable touch that adds sophistication.
  • Accessorize With Utility Racks - efficient, attractive way to store bathroom supplies.
  • Make Use of Natural Lighting - brings in natural light to make bathrooms brighter and easier to use.
By combining modern, traditional and utilitarian pieces, you can create a unique and timeless look for your bathroom that's sure to make an impression. With the right toilet design, you will be able to give your bathroom the perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality.