Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom Toilet

Maintaining a proper hygiene in your bathroom, in particular your toilet, is important to stay healthy and safe. Keeping your toilet clean and properly maintained also will help to reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs. Here are some essential maintenance tips to keep your toilet in good condition.

Clean Regularly

To prevent bathroom smells, dirt and mould build-up, clean your toilet regularly. Make sure to:
  • Keep the toilet bowl clean: After every use, scrub and disinfect the inside of the toilet bowl. To remove tough stains and mineral deposits, use a toilet cleaner and brush.
  • Clean the toilet seat: After cleaning the bowl, wipe down the seat.
  • Clean the exterior surfaces: Use a cleaner and soft cloth to clean both the sides of the toilet and lid.

Routine Maintenance

In addition to regular cleaning, it is recommended to preform basic maintenance on your toilet to keep everything functioning correctly. Keep an eye on:
  • Water supply line: Check the line leading from the wall to the toilet. Look for any signs of leaking or blockages.
  • Tank seals: Check for signs of wear and tear around the seals and replace if necessary.
  • Flush mechanism: Check the flush is not clogged and is functioning properly.

Check For Leaks

Frequent wet patches around the base of the toilet may be a sign of a leak. Toilet leaks can quickly lead to more serious water damage, so it is important to address them as soon as possible. Look for these signs and contact a professional if you need repairs.


Having a clean and well-maintained toilet will help to keep your bathroom healthy and hygienic. But remember, regular cleaning and maintenance is key in avoiding expensive repairs and damages. Take the time to inspect your toilet regularly and follow these tips to ensure your bathroom stays in top shape.