Make Your Toilet A Central Piece of Your Bathroom's Design

Bathroom design can be challenging but it is also an amazing opportunity to create something unique and beautiful. The toilet is often an overlooked piece in decor, but it should be the focal point of your bathroom. Here are some tips on how to make your toilet the star of the show.

Choose the Right Toilet

The right toilet can really set the foundation for the rest of your bathroom design. Choose a model that fits within your budget and one that suits the overall style of your bathroom. If your bathroom has a modern vibe, choose a sleek, contemporary toilet; if you have a traditional style bathroom, then opt for a classic design.

Think About Colour

Take the time to think about the colour of your toilet and how it will tie in with the rest of the bathroom. Neutral colours like white or black can always be contrasting accents to a coloured bathroom aesthetic. Alternatively, if you have a neutral or minimalistic space, then you can always opt for a bright and bold colour for your toilet that will make it stand out.


To really make your toilet the focus of the bathroom, you can add some accessories around it. This could include adding a colourful/patterned vanity cover, a shower caddy, statement shelving, a basket of charming soaps and a wall-mounted mirror.


Proper lighting can really bring out the beauty of your toilet. Consider installing a dimmable sconce above the wall-mounted mirror, or a statement pendant that will make the space feel cosy and inviting.

Style Up

To add a little extra style to your toilet, why not consider adding some decorative elements? Try some colourful towels, a patterned rug, or even a small plant. This can all help to bring the room together and make it a one-of-a-kind, inviting space.

Making your toilet the centrepiece of your bathroom can be a fun and rewarding project. Just remember to choose the right toilet, think about the colours and accessorize with charming items. With proper lighting and a few decorative touches, you can create a unique and beautiful bathroom design.