Making The Best Of Limited Space With A Bathroom Toilet

Having to make the most of a small space when fitting in a bathroom toilet can be challenging. The key to pull it off is to be creative and find space-saving solutions that make the most of the limited space. Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose the right toilet and make the best of your small space:

Measure Carefully

Before you buy a new bathroom toilet, it is important to measure the space that you have available carefully. Take into account the space and location of doors, windows and radiators, as well as any potential obstructions and be sure to leave enough room for them to be opened and closed.

Choose a Slim Design

A compact toilet can be made to fit even in the smallest bathroom. Look for a slim design that won’t overwhelm the space. Corner toilets are particularly good for saving space, as they are designed to fit into a corner. There are also wall-hung toilets and bidets, which save space by using the wall to support their weight.

Position Strategically

Where you place the toilet plays a big part in the toilet’s functionality. When possible, position the toilet against a wall and in a corner, to allow for the door to open and the toilet to be used comfortably. If necessary, you can also use a partition wall to separate the toilet from the other elements in the room.

Make Use Of Your Floor Space

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may have to get creative when it comes to squeezing your toilet into a small space. If the floor space behind or beneath the toilet is available, you can install shelving or a towel rail to maximize the storage space. Additionally, opt for a toilet with a hidden cistern behind the wall, to save space and provide a cleaner look.


Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t install a comfortable toilet. With careful measuring, a slim design, strategic positioning and use of floor space, you can make the most out of a bathroom toilet even in the smallest of spaces.