Making The Most Of A Small Toilet In The Bathroom

Living with a small bathroom is a common occurrence that many households share, and it can leave those living in them feeling cramped and uncomfortable. While there is no magical solution to make a small bathroom feel luxurious, making the most of the small toilet location is possible. The following steps provide practical advice on creating a more spacious environment.

1. Maximize the Space Around the Toilet

The toilet is often the largest item in the bathroom, and making the most of the space around it is a great way to start feeling less confined. To maximize the space around the toilet, consider:
  • Adding extra shelving to increase the storage capabilities
  • Placing a plant in a corner for an extra element of style and color
  • Eliminating clutter by finding a home for every item
  • Replacing a bulky vanity with a small one
  • Installing a towel bar or hanger for easy access

2.Choose Appropriate Sized Appliances

The size and type of appliances used in a small bathroom can make a huge difference in its overall feel. Before buying any appliance, measure out the space and shop around for the best options. In general, try to avoid large designs such as:
  • Toilet bowl - opt for a round tank style toilet instead of an elongated one
  • Sink - pick a small vanity sink over a large single bowl sink
  • Bathtub - look into a corner tub instead of a full-sized jacuzzi tub
  • Shower - choose a round or square shower stall with sliding doors

3.Focus on the Lighting

The lighting in a small bathroom can make or break its overall vibe. Make sure to invest in light fixtures that won't take up too much space, such as small vanity lighting, wall sconces, and even LED strip lighting. Also, be sure to use natural light whenever possible to help open up the room.

4.Play With Accessories

Accessories, like towels and rugs, can be great for creating a more inviting space. To add some style and warmth, try adding some brightly colored towels and a cozy rug. Smaller items, such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders, can also be a great way to achieve a polished look.

Overall, having a small toilet in the bathroom doesn't mean you are stuck with an uncomfortable and cramped bathroom. With the right design tricks, you can make the most of the space and create an inviting atmosphere.