Redesigning Your Bathroom Toilet For Maximum Efficiency

Are you looking to give your bathroom a modern, efficient, and stylish make-over? Look no further than your bathroom toilet! With a few careful design elements and renovations, you can easily update your toilet for maximum efficiency and performance.

Select the Right Model

When selecting a new toilet, there are two main types of models to consider: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece toilets are becoming increasingly popular for their sleek, modern design, as well as their ability to completely contain the waste tank and bowl in a single, water-tight unit. Most two-piece toilets have separate tanks and bowls, and often require more space than one-piece models. Not sure which type is right for you? Consult with a bathroom specialist and have them review the dimensions and features of each type to help you make the right decision.

Choose the Right Finish

When it comes to finishes, there are a variety of different colours, textures, and materials to choose from. Ceramic and porcelain are popular choices for their durability and aesthetic appeal, but stainless steel and other metals are also gaining in popularity for their sleek, modern look. Additionally, many toilet models are now available with a variety of features, such as slow closing seats, touchless flushing, and integrated night lights.

Save Water with High Efficiency Toilets

You can also save water and resources by choosing a high-efficiency toilet (HET). HETs are engineered for maximum performance, and are designed to reduce water use dramatically compared to traditional toilets. Some models are even capable of using as little as 1.2 gallons of water per flush, making them an extremely water-efficient choice.

Update the Look with Accent Pieces

Lastly, don't forget to consider the overall design of your bathroom when selecting your new toilet. Make sure to accessorize the space with stylish finishes such as drapery and tiles to bring a sense of sophistication. You can also consider adding bathroom accents such as a new soap dispenser, decorative towels or hand-towels, and even a wall-mounted mirror to finish the space and - make it feel like your own.

In conclusion, with a few careful design modifications and additions, you can easily redesign your toilet for maximum efficiency and style. Don't forget to select the right model, choose the best finish, save water with HETs, and update the look with accent pieces. Follow these tips and you'll be sure to get the perfect bathroom for your home.