Saving Money On Bathroom Toilet Renovations

Renovating a bathroom can be expensive, however, it is possible to save money on bathroom toilet renovations. There are a few ways to save money and still get a stylish, modern look for your bathroom.

Research and Planning

The first step to save money on bathroom toilet renovations is to research the current market. Look around at different plumbing stores and appliance stores to find the best prices on toilet and basin fittings. Second, plan out your renovations. Make a list of the materials and fixtures you will need as well as how you want the toilet/bathroom to look like. This will help prevent impulse buying.


Doing a DIY project can definitely help save money. It may require some research, but this is a great way to get the exact look you want. If you don’t think you can handle the job yourself, ask a friend or relative who has experience with plumbing or construction to help.

Reuse Materials

Instead of buying all new materials, try to reuse your material from your old toilet. Instead of replacing the old tiles, try to clean them up and give them a fresh new look. Instead of replacing your old toilet and basins, try sanding and painting them for a brand new look. As long as the materials are still in good condition, this can be a great way to save money.

Buy Parts in Bulk

Replacing fixtures such as taps and showers can be expensive. To save costs, try buying these parts in bulk, as this may provide you with a discount. Additionally, when installing the fittings, try to use the same colour throughout to maintain a consistent look in your toilet.

Find Alternatives

When renovating your bathroom, look around for alternative materials which may be cheaper. For example, instead of using marble, try using ceramic tiles as they are more affordable. Or instead of buying a new toilet, try buying a refurbished one.

By following the above tips, you should be able to save money while still having a new and modern looking toilet. With a little research and planning, you can make your bathroom renovations a success.