Smart Solutions For Installing Toilets In Small Bathrooms

Installing a toilet in a small bathroom can seem like a challenge. In many cases, you don't have much space to work with and it may appear daunting to fit a toilet that's comfortable to use while still leaving plenty of room to get around. Fortunately, with some creative ideas, you can maximize your toilet space and make the area as efficient as possible.

Consider Wall-Mounted Toilets

America standard wall-mounted toilets are a great space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. By utilizing the space on the wall you can create more room around the toilet without sacrificing any of the plumbing function. Additionally, wall-mounted toilets are much easier to clean and don't take up unnecessary space with a bulky tank.

Try a Compact Toilet

For those with even less space, one option you may consider is a mini or compact-style toilet. These are becoming increasingly popular in small apartments and workspaces and are designed to save space without sacrificing on comfort. The smaller designs can still offer a full size bowl, but reduce the depth and height of the unit, creating an environment that’s more inviting and usable.

Utilize The Space Underneath For Storage

Make sure you look at the available area underneath the toilet for additional storage. This is a great spot to squeeze in some extra storage - you can even get creative and build a cabinet under your toilet. This is a great spot to store spare rolls of toilet paper and any other essentials.

Implement Smart Placement

Finally, it's important that you think ahead and plan the placement of the toilet before you install it. Pay close attention to the size of the room and make sure you place the toilet in an area that still leaves you plenty of room to move around. Also, be sure to consider door swing, plumbing connections, and any additional features you want close to the toilet.


Installing a toilet in a small bathroom can be a tricky endeavor but with some thoughtful strategies, it can be achieved. Consider wall-mounted or compact toilets that can help you maximize the space, and don't forget to utilize the area underneath for extra storage. Finally, make sure you plan ahead with the placement of the toilet to make sure it's comfortable and efficient.

Following these tips will help you create a smart and efficient bathroom configuration with a longer lasting effect.