Stylish Toilet Designs For Small Bathrooms

Decorating a small bathroom can be challenging, and finding the right toilet design is essential. But with a few clever design tweaks and a careful selection of fixtures, you can create a stylish, modern and practical toilet area even in the smallest of spaces.

Choose the Right Toilet Type

Buying a toilet for a small bathroom shuts out all but two designs, the wall-hung, or hung toilet and the corner toilet. Wall-hung toilets are increasingly popular because they appear more space-efficient, but corner toilets have their advantages too. A corner toilet, for example, will free up valuable floor area in a cramped corner, and it won't take up much more wall space than a wall-hung toilet.

Choose a Slimline Toilet Bowl

The old adage ‘less is more’ applies to toilet bowls as well. With most of the toilet’s inner workings tucked away, slimline toilet bowls are the way to go. This low-profile design is especially useful in a small bathroom where space is at a premium.

If you're selecting a corner toilet, try to find a model that’s rounded rather than squared off. A rounded corner toilet will fit in the corner much better than a squared off version which has to be angled around the corner.

Go for a Contemporary Style

There are plenty of stylish, modern options for small bathrooms, many of them designed as 'compact toilets' and available in a variety of styles and finishes. Contemporary styling has smooth lines, often with elongated bowls, and an overall sleeker look.

Maximise the Use of Space

When you design your small bathroom, remember that a lot of the space near the toilet can be put to good use. Add shelving to either side of the toilet, or a wall-mounted cupboard above. This is a great way to bring in extra storage in your small bathroom, while keeping it stylish and uncluttered.

Things to Keep in Mind

Here are few things to keep in mind when selecting a toilet for a small bathroom:
  • Size: Make sure the toilet you choose is not too big for the space and leaves enough room to move around it.
  • Style: Contemporary designs are the best way to maximise the minimalist use of space.
  • Storage: Try to create extra storage space around the toilet to make up for the lack of space.
  • Durability: It's important to select a high-quality toilet that will stand the test of time.
By using the right design tricks, a stylish, modern and practical toilet area is possible even in the most cramped of spaces. Just remember to measure the area carefully and choose the right size of toilet. Most important, make sure your selection is both stylish and functional. Good luck!