Things To Consider Before Installing A Toilet In Your Bathroom

Installing a new toilet in your bathroom can be an expensive but rewarding process. Here are some key things to look for before buying and installing a new toilet:


Your budget is likely the first factor in choosing a new toilet. Shop around for the best quality toilet you can find within your budget. Be aware that the price can vary greatly from store to store.


Measure your bathroom to make sure you have enough room for a standard toilet or if you will need a smaller option. Smaller toilets are available, but they may not work in certain spaces and are also more expensive.

Flushing System

The flushing system can vary greatly between different toilets. Most toilets have standard gravity flush systems, but some have pressure flushing systems. Pressure flush systems are more powerful, but also more expensive. Consider which system you prefer and what your budget is before you buy.

Other Features

There are many features to choose from when buying a new toilet, such as:
  • Spalet Bidet Solutions: These are built-in bidet systems that let you clean yourself without the need for a separate bidet.
  • Washlet Systems: Similar to Spalet bidets, these washlet systems let you adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and other settings.
  • Heated Seats: Some toilets come with heated seats for added comfort.
  • Lids & Covers: You can choose to buy a toilet with a lid that opens and closes automatically or a separate cover for added convenience.
  • Odor Control Systems: These systems help to eliminate odors from the bathroom.
Consider which features will be most beneficial for you before you buy.

Installing a new toilet can transform your bathroom, but be sure to consider the cost and features before you buy. With the right toilet, you can create a more comfortable and efficient bathroom that will last for years.