Fabulous Simple Toilet Designs For Your Bathroom

Creating a stunning bathroom relies on having a well-designed toilet that fits in with your overall style. Here are some fabulous, simple toilet designs for your bathroom:

Corner Toilet

The corner toilet is great for bathrooms with a limited floor space; it makes use of every corner in the bathroom, therefore maximising the space. Because of its sharp angles, the corner toilet fits in perfectly in a modern themed bathroom. For a more glamorous look, go for silver-coloured corner plumbing that can add a touch of creativity and sophistication to your bathroom.

Wall Hung Toilet

If your bathroom needs a little something extra, a wall hung toilet can be the perfect piece to complete the look. Wall hung toilets are great because they save space, giving an open, clutter-free feel. Wall mounted toilets are also extremely stylish and can be made in a range of finishes to suit modern or more traditional bathroom designs.

Compact Toilet

For small bathrooms, a compact toilet is an ideal option. Compact toilets are designed specifically for small bathrooms, where space is of a premium. These toilets are fitted closer to the wall and offer a great way to save space.

High-Rise Toilet

High-rise toilets are the perfect choice for a modern, clean-lined bathroom. These toilets are tall and slim and can be placed in a corner to create an open space. The height also provides an easier and more comfortable experience for users.

Smart Toilet

If you would like to add a touch of modern technology to your bathroom, a smart toilet is the perfect choice. Smart toilets are connected to your Wi-Fi and can be operated through an app, allowing you to control the settings and temperature of your toilet. Smart toilets can also have features such as heated seats, water sprays and air dryers.

So, if you are looking to give your bathroom a fresh new look, these fabulous and simple toilet designs are sure to add the perfect finishing touch.
  • Corner Toilet
  • Wall Hung Toilet
  • Compact Toilet
  • High-Rise Toilet
  • Smart Toilet